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Ensure you have all you require to establish a happy and healthy environment for your fresh Guinea Pig before bringing it home, beginning with the correct sort of Best Guinea Pig Cage.

However, when it appears to cages, among the essential factors to check is the size. Single guinea pigs require at least 7.5 sq feet high of continuous area, while a couple needs a minimum of 10.5 sq feet.

Below are the top guinea pig cages on the market today to assist you in making the best decision.

AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories is the best budget option.

Best Guinea Pig Cage

It’s up to Amazon to make a guinea pig cage that’s both inexpensive and useful. The large model provides about 9 feet of room for your guinea pig to wander, not including the solid ramps and balconies.

If you ever lose track of your animal, the very first place to seek is underneath the comfortable nook created by the balcony.

The cage arrives with a bottle of water, hay barrier, and tip-proof feeding dish, as well as extensive top and front entrances. The head is built of an iron wire frame, with a PP plastics base on the bottom.

Key Features
Pet bunnies, guinea pigs, may live in this sizeable small-animal environment. It has large top and front ports for ease of interior access, an iron wire top frame, and a PP plastics base. It has a non-drip bottle of water, a hay barrier, and a balcony with an access ladder and a tip-proof feeding dish. For seclusion, there is a hidden room underneath the balcony; installation is straightforward.
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Lovupet Wooden Outdoor Indoor Guinea Pig Cage is the best splurge

Best Guinea Pig Cage

With a long-span, single-floor animal cage, and covered sleeping space, this fir wooden hutch provides your guinea pig with a cozy and secure place to say home.

It features three doorways: a wire entrance, a room entrance, and a run entrance, as well as a roof that opens and is held open by two locking arms, allowing easy accessibility to your animal.

There is also a feeding dish where you can conveniently place the hay without opening up the whole hutch.

Although, with two pull-out trays for cleansing, the sole disadvantage is that, with two pull-out trays for cleansing, the hutch’s wooden walls may retain odor longer than wire or plastic cage.

Key Features
Resistant to Water: This luxurious bunny hutch is made of solid fir wood specifically treated to withstand rain and other external factors. It will last for years and needs very little care.

Exceptionally stable: Six elevated legs provide a dry and robust character to the cabinet, making it a pleasant and safe environment for your animal. Your tile flooring is indeed protected from scratches by legs encased in plastic.

Hardware that you can rely on: We have gathered a collection of devices to keep your tiny animals safe from attackers and stop them from fleeing. This cage would serve as the finest and last line of defense against attackers and accidental escape.

Trough for Feeding: An easy way to give your animal water and food is to use an entrance, waterproof feeding bowl.  The slanted lid protects it from rainfall.

Multiple Entrances: A metal sliding bolt secures a sturdy front entrance close the sleeping area, as does an extra wire door. The hinged roof opens from the top, allowing for convenient water and food refills, cleansing, and animal access.

The door on the outside: When you place this complex side entrance down, this is not only an essential doorway, but it also has a nice slope for your animal to enter and out.

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Hagen Living World Deluxe Habitat, X-Large, is best with Cave.

Best Guinea Pig Cage

This large cage has everything you will need to make your guinea pig experience comfortable. Along with a  non-tipping food dish, a hay barrier allows them to reach infinite amounts of hay (don’t panic, they would not overheat it), a water container, and a concealing space.

Guinea pigs are targets for owls, coyotes, wolves, and snakes in the environment. Thus they prefer to hide.)

When buying this cage, be sure you select the X-large size since the medium-big sizes are too tiny to accommodate even one guinea pig.

Key Features
It has an attractively fashioned arching red wires top with white wire edges and a plastics bottom foundation for security and adequate ventilation. The wire top is divided into two sections and has a wide doorway on the front edge for convenient access. The ideal perch is provided by the balconies with accessible ramp, while the comfortable sanctuary underneath offers her a safe, peaceful spot to slumber in solitude. A tip-proof feeding dish is fixed to the balcony to optimize the internal area, while the drip-proof bottle of water and hay barrier attaches outside the cage.
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Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage with Wire Extension is the best cage for two Rabbit

Best Guinea Pig Cage

This cage is big enough for multiple guinea pigs, measuring 10.5 square feet; ensure they are of the same gender to avoid breeding problems.

This steel cage with a thick plastic base arrives with almost everything you’ll require for your furry pair, including two big bottles of water, two hay feeder, a food dish, and an additional eating area which also serves as a hideaway animal. The only criticism is that it might be difficult to set correctly when you first obtain it.

Key Features
Krolik is a low-maintenance rabbit cage with a 5.5″ deep foundation for holding litter and a complete base that separates for cleaning. Inside the rabbit cage, many entrances enable easy access. Ferplast Quality Guarantee: A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is in with the rabbit cage.
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Kaytee 48″ L X 24″ W Open Pet Living Habitat is the best open top

Best Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs have several benefits as pets: they are attractive and adorable, they are sociable, they’re reasonably simple to care for, and they’re not natural escape artists.

That suggests you may choose an open environment without a roof as far as there are no competitors in the home (i.e., cats or dogs) and your kids are entirely responsible with such a pet.

The benefits include making it easier for you to interact with your animal, feed it, and cleaning the cage. In addition, the waterproof lining of this cage is simple to remove and wash. Extras are available for purchase individually.

Key Features
Your pet guinea pig will become safer with the extra tall 19-inch-high sides. The open-top habitat enables you to engage with your animal more freely and makes the cleaning and feeding period easier. The 7-inch-high liner and corner bumpers keep bedding and hay within the habitat while also protecting your flooring. The liner is simple to remove and clean, thanks to the fast clip mechanism. Ramp coverings make it safe for your tiny pet to enter and exit the habitat.
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Pet Habitat AmazonBasics (Jumbo)

Pet Habitat AmazonBasics (Jumbo)

In terms of design, the AmazonBasics pet habitat is identical to the Living World Deluxe, and it includes a spacious, well-ventilated place for guinea pigs, hares, and ferrets.

It has a broad plastic foundation and an aluminum wire upper structure with big top and front apertures for easy cage accessibility & maintenance.

A non-drip bottle, hay rack, balcony that offer a lovely hideout and resting spot for the guinea pigs, a raised feeding zone with an accessible ramp, and a tip-proof food dish are included with this item.

It is available in three sizes and the jumbo is the perfect choice for two guinea pigs because it has greater living area. The feet of your guinea pig are protected in this style of cage.

Key Feature
Pet rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, or chinchillas jumbo small-animal habitat. Upper frame of iron wire and plastic base of PP; wide top and front holes for convenient access within. Includes water bottle non-drip, hay watch, and balcony with accessibility ramp and eating style. Hide-away area below private balcony; easy assembling. Covers 48.6 by 26.6 by 20.6 inches (LxWxH); weighs 18.7 pounds; confined to 1 year under Amazon’s Basics.
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Guinea Habitat from MidWest Homes for Pets is the best overall

Best Guinea Pig Cage

This top all the time MidWest guinea pig cage has almost eight sq ft of area with one inch-apart wall, so your furry friend will have plenty of room to roam. The crate is release, and recyclable folds flatter for transport.

Another factor to check when choosing the most OK guinea pig cage is to try and avoid cages with wire bases since the adorable beasts have delicate feet, and their legs might get tangled in the grates, causing them to break.

That is why this cage has a PVC-lined canvas floor that’s gentle on their paws while yet providing traction, allowing them to walk, play, and run freely.

Key Features
It gives guinea pigs eight sq ft of living space, as suggested by vets & breeders. The PVC coated canvas base is durable, leak-resistant, washable, and simply detachable and provides stability and comfort for Guinea Pig’s delicate feet; no dividing panel is in Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage. The 14-inch wide sides give safe and quick accessibility to guinea pigs, making it ideal for use inside or out. No tools are necessary for construction, and it takes just minutes to set up. Perfect for new guinea pig parents and “cavy” fans come with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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Final Word

The MidWest Homes for Pets Guinea Habitat (accessible at Amazon) is the most outstanding overall guinea pig cage, with a PVC-lined floor that is pleasant for guinea pig feet and nearly 8 feet of area for them to wander.

Try the Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage Wire Extension (accessible on Amazon) unless you have multiple guinea pigs. It provides 10.5 feet of room for them to run around.

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