How Guinea Pigs Give Birth? 13 Useful Pointers

“The Birthing Process: Understanding How Guinea Pigs Give Birth”

  • In exploring the intricacies of how guinea pigs give birth, a pivotal inquiry emerges regarding the age or stage at which these small mammals can embark on the birthing process.
  • It is essential for a female guinea pig to have reached full adulthood without progressing into advanced age to ensure a successful and healthy birthing experience. You only have a brief time window if you wish to get a Cesarean section done on the pig to get the kids out.
  • Guinea pigs may reach sexual maturity as early as one month old. While the age of the male pig at the time of breeding is less essential, the lady pig must be less than ten months old (at the most) to give delivery usually.
  • Because the pubic symphysis unites by ten months of life, and occasionally sooner, mating after five or six months of age is very dangerous to the pig.
  • Continue reading to find out more about how Guinea Pigs give birth. I’ll begin with the point, how long does a pregnancy last in a guinea pig? What must a guinea pig consume when pregnant?

This brief video clip by YSL shows the guinea pig’s birthing process


How long does a pregnancy last in a guinea pig?

  • Guinea pigs have a lengthy pregnancy cycle, which may last anywhere between 59 and 72 days.
  • With increasing baby size, the duration reduces. The gestation period for a single guinea pig lasts approximately 70 days, while the conception-to-birth timeline for a litter of six guinea pigs spans around 67 days on average.
  • The size of the first birth is usually less than successive litters. Throughout pregnancy, women experience a significant increase in body weight. It’s critical to determine whether or not there is any infants present.
  • It’s also crucial to figure out how many kids are in the fetus so you can be confident the woman has given delivery to all of them and isn’t experiencing any problems birthing them all.
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How I’ll discover if my guinea pig is expecting?

How Guinea Pigs Give Birth

  • During the final stages of pregnancy, pregnant sows (women) have a significantly expanded belly. Throughout pregnancy, it is not unusual for their body weights to double.
  • Due to the extremely long gestation period and the fact that pregnant pigs do not build nests, identifying the precise moment of birth may be difficult.
  • A progressively increasing gap of the pelvis occurs immediately in front of the sexual organs a week before a pig is ready to birth a litter.
  • In the moments leading up to birth, this gap hits slightly and over 1 inch.
  • Women that are married for the initial time after seven months of maturity do not establish this pelvic separation, resulting in an unsustainable and sad scenario.
  • Because childbirth of the young is impossible, a caesarean part is generally required to preserve the pig’s and her kids’ lives.
  • A straightforward delivery typically lasts around half an hour, with an approximate interval of 5 minutes between the births of each infant.
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Has your guinea pig ever socialized with a guy that isn’t neutered?

  • Before delving into the process of how guinea pigs give birth, many individuals ponder the probable reasons behind a guinea pig’s pregnancy.
  • A male guinea pig that hasn’t been neutered! So, what’s the first step in determining whether or not your guinea pig is pregnant?
  • Indeed, it’s to see if she’s had any recent interactions with an unneutered guy.
  • While it’s true that a male guinea pig can contribute to conception in a female after three weeks, it is advisable to consider neutering only once the guinea pig has reached the age of four months.
  • Neutering also does not have an immediate impact. So, even if a man was neutered just a few weeks ago, he may still induce females to get pregnant.
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It could require up to 6 weeks to recover after neutering.

  • You’re incorrect if you believe your lady guinea pigs can’t be pregnant since they’re just a couple of weeks old. Guinea pigs mature sexually at a young age, as young as six weeks!
  • So keep that in mind if you’re unsure whether or not your guinea pigs are pregnant.
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Is there a difference in her smell when she is pregnant?

  • Another strange but intriguing method to detect pregnancy in guinea pigs is to smell them!
  • Many guinea pig owners are puzzled about how guinea pigs give birth? And when she’s pregnant, is there 
  • difference in her smell? Males have a strong sense of belonging.
  • When they engage with a woman, they use their urine to brand her! Other men would not pursue the urinated woman since each person has a unique smell signature!
  • Yes, that seems strange, but it happens with a variety of other species as well. If you’re a lady reading this, I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “Thank Goodness, there’s nothing like awful in humanity!”
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Does female Guinea Pigs consume more food in pregnancy?

How Guinea Pigs Give Birth

  • A rise in food consumption is another indication. They consume more than expected since they no longer eat only for themselves but also for the young piggies.
  • Do guinea pigs take more food while pregnant? This is a frequently asked question on how guinea pigs give birth. They do, in fact. Because a pregnant female guinea pig need more energy than on non-pregnancy days.
  • Guinea pigs, on the other hand, tend to consume more in the winter. Even if your area has chilly weather, taking your guinea pig to the vet is still worthwhile.
  • It couldn’t be more painful to be wrong about the pregnancy than to ignore it! Make sure you keep track of your guinea pig’s weight every week.
  • A significant increase in weight for two weeks in a row should indicate that the piggy is pregnant.
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What are the signals & symptoms of a pregnant guinea pig?

  • Anorexia and sudden onset of sadness (silent, feeble, sluggish) are symptoms of pregnant toxaemia (not eating).
  • Another issue that causes guinea pig parents to be puzzled about how guinea pigs give birth is the appearance of signs and symptoms. Guinea pig experience respiratory problems and muscular spasms.
  • Avoiding overweight in the pregnant guinea pig plus giving sufficient nutrition in the food late in pregnancy are two ways to reduce risk.
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How simple is it to give birth?

How Guinea Pigs Give Birth

  • Because guinea pigs have a high rate of difficulty giving birth, it’s essential to see your veterinarian for further information on how to care for the birthing procedure of expectant guinea pigs.
  • Although many guinea pigs may deliver child on their own, several may require veterinarian assistance and may require medication.
  • Guinea pigs develop at a young age in a variety of ways. Hair, teeth, and the ability to walk are all there when they are born. They can consume solid food as soon as they are born.
  • In particular, Guinea pigs may reach sexual maturity quite early in their lives.
  • Separation of men and women guinea pigs is recommended as early as three weeks old, and women guinea pigs must not be married until they are at least seven months old.
  • Given all of this, don’t be shocked if your guinea pig becomes pregnant while still young.
  • Also, female guinea pigs go into heat immediately after giving birth, so don’t be shocked if she becomes pregnant soon after.
  • When your guinea pig is ready to deliver a newborn, you’ll need to work out with your veterinarian, plus you’ll need to keep an eye on her to make sure she gets medical care if anything goes wrong.
  • All of these factors play significant role in the way of how guinea pigs give birth.
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How long do guinea pigs stay pregnant?

  • How long do guinea pigs stay pregnant is a common concern when it comes to how guinea pigs give birth. Well, If your guinea pigs carries more pups than she should be, her pregnancy will be closer to 60 days than 70 days.
  • The pregnancy of a guinea pig lasts approximately 9 or 10 weeks. Your sow may have one to six puppies, or perhaps more, although the typical litter size is three.
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When my guinea pig is expecting, what can I offer her?

Pregnant guinea pigs should be given a varied diet that includes the following ingredients:

  • Grass hay or grass
  • Vegetables with green leaves
  • Foods high in vitamin C, including kiwi fruit or citrus, in small amounts
  • A modest quantity of commercial pellets of good grade
  • A small amount of Lucerne hay is recommended, although it is not required.

Any dietary changes must be done properly to prevent gastrointestinal distress or stress, both of may have a negative effect on the pregnancy.

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Do guinea pigs have an easy time becoming pregnant?

  • You will be just as delighted as a pig in the dirt by seeing the little squeakers mature and grow since they’re simple to breed and raise.
  • Just make sure the babies you end up with have decent homes. Female pigs are referred to as sows, while men are named boars, much like actual pigs.
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When is it appropriate to begin having babies?

How simple is it to give birth

  • If you want to breed your guinea pig, the ideal time to do it is before she reaches the age of seven months.
  • Your female guinea pig may still expand her pelvis before giving birth if she is younger than this.
  • This function no longer works after seven months. So, if your piggy’s pelvis can’t grow much more extensive when it’s time to give birth, her kids may die from delivery problems unless a cesarean is done.
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How soon after giving birth can guinea pigs get pregnant?

  • It’s also vital to consider when it comes to how guinea pigs give birth. It takes approximately 8 hours for the female to become receptive to the male and enable reproduction. Female guinea pigs may re-establish their reproductive status 15 hours after giving birth.
  • It is known as a “postpartum estrus,” which implies they may be pregnant and nursing a litter simultaneously!
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What adjustments should I make if my guinea pig is pregnant?

It is essential to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • To prevent back-to-back pregnancies, males should be removed long before delivery.
  • During the winter, keep pregnant sows inside or as least in a secure shed.
  • For their newborn pups, pregnant sows should be fed with calcium and vitamin C.
  • Overfeeding muesli meals may result in big babies that are difficult to pass. However, do not diet overweight guinea pigs as this can result in a deadly disease called pregnant toxaemia.
  • Alfalfa hay, along with limitless quantities of regular hay, should be supplemented during pregnancy, and they should always be given a variety of fruits and vegetables daily.
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Final Thoughts

The most frequently asked question about how guinea pigs give birth is when do guinea pigs give birth? Well, the majority of guinea pigs give birth during the day.

She will scream as she enters labour, and it will take approximately five minutes for her to give birth to a pup.

The placenta will emerge after all of the kids have been delivered, and the mother will also consume it. The pups will be wholly furred and open-eyed.

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