How To Tell How Old A Cat Is| 6 Best Unique Techniques 2023

Cats grow elegantly. Even though distinguishing a cat from an adult cat is easy, determining a cat’s age after reaching adulthood can be difficult.

A mature cat resembles an elderly cat in appearance for the most part. However, most cats are adults between the ages of 9 and 12 months, making deciding their age much more difficult.

If you are trying to figure out how to tell how old a cat is, here are five surefire ways to figure it out. Do you know how to find the age of cats and kittens who arrive at your organization with no or little background info?

Age is a significant factor in determining the best experiences of treatment and social interaction, and we’ve put together a list of 13 essential questions- answers to assist you.

How to tell a cat’s age?

Some pet owners foster kittens without recognizing their actual age since many kittens enter rescue and shelter off the roads. Order to understand the maturity of your kitten or cat isn’t necessary.

However, it will help you decide the food and treatment they need.

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Any background on kitten ages?

Let’s go through the kitten age stages once we are in how to say a cat’s age. The life of a cat is split into six phases. They are cats from the age of 0 to 6 months.

Cats are small, charming, and constantly on the lookout for new things to discover about their surroundings.

Felines reach the early stage between the ages of 7 and 24 months. Juniors are becoming more self-sufficient and preparing for the switch into their peak years.

How To Tell How Old A Cat Is

A kitten is in its prime after two decades. It is the moment when your kitten will be at its most alert and capable. They’ll be in this process until they’ve been together for seven years.

Your kitten will be an adult at the age of seven. They’ll be seniors in ten years. They will eventually be elderly after 15 years.

So, when you are trying to find out how to say a cat’s age, you are trying to figure out which of these age buckets they fall.

It is difficult to tell the difference between a seven-month-old cat and an eight-month-old cat, but as we will see, determining whether your cat is in its junior or senior years is pretty straightforward.

Here are some points that will help you out in how to tell how old a cat is.

Examine a cat’s tooth to determine its age: Teeth are a great way to tell how old a cat is. First, cats don’t get all of their teeth until they are about six months old, but if you peek into their mouth and see some missing teeth, you have a kitten.

Second, if you do have an adult kitten with all of its teeth, the marks will occasionally reveal the feline’s age because their teeth get stained as they eat more.

As a result, if you see pearly whites, your pet is younger. If you see aged teeth, you might be looking at a senior cat. In reality, this approach is just a guess, but it will at least give you a rough idea of how old the cat is.

The Feeling of Their Fur: The hair of a cat is fluffy, silky, and polished. It’s clean and flawless. The cat’s wool coat, like human hair, gets less soft as it ages.

They can also grow patches of grey or white hair on their head (just as humankind do!). A veterinarian who has seen thousands of cats and petted countless coats of fur will always say a cat’s age only from rubbing them!

Eye Discharge with Cloudy Presence: Cats have shiny, crisp skin for the majority of their lives. Therefore, eye issues should not appear until the senior cat reaches the age of ten years.

As a result, whether your cat’s eyes are cloudy or if there is any eyes discharge, you know you have a senior or geriatric cat.

Levels of Mobility and Activity: Kittens like to play, whereas older cats prefer to sleep. While sure older cats are enthusiastic and energetic, particularly the aged a cat becomes, the more passive it becomes.

Senior kittens and cats need almost the same amount of sleep every day – 20 hours.

Adult cats, on the other hand, require 12-15 hours of sleep a day. Again, a lot of this is cat-specific, so if you schedule how long your pet sleeps for a few days, you might be able to tell if they are an adult or a senior cat.

Make use of a Cat Age Chart: Many cat age charts are available online, including images of cats at various stages of aging. You will use it as a guide if you find one.

Please take a look at your cat and see how it compares to the others you see. You can note that it resembles the junior cats or seems older, as with the senior cats. A cat age map is one tool for determining a cat’s age, regardless of where your cat is!

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It’s possible to tell a cat’s age, but it isn’t straightforward

As we have noticed, a few characteristics will help you figure out how old your cat is. First, you are looking at a kitten whether they have a lot of stamina, are tiny, have soft hair, and don’t have any of their teeth.

Second, you’re looking at a cat in its prime if they still have a lot of muscle, sleek fur, and all of their teeth.

How To Tell How Old A Cat Is

Finally, if you see a cat with eye discharge, a duller coat, and less strength, you’re possibly looking at an elderly kitten. Where in question, consult a veterinarian.

They also have outstanding figures of how mature these big cats are because they have seen so many cats before.

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What is the average age of a cat?

Cats, on the whole, get slower, have a less lustrous coat, and nap more. But, on the other hand, relatively young cats are more active, have softer coats, and sleep for fewer hours a day.

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Will cats age in the same way as dogs do?

Yes, for the most part. When it comes to aging, both dogs and cats have identical traits.

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How can you say how old a cat is?

How To Tell How Old A Cat Is

Observing a cat’s activity is the easiest way to determine its age. Cats who are older or very young need a lot of sleep. Cats in their prime want the least amount of rest.

Young cats are full of vitality and enjoy playing. Older cats can retreat to their sleeping quarters. Simply observing behavior can give you a pretty decent idea of the cat’s age. There is also another way to find out how old your cat is.

Shape & size: In terms of cat size, a typical general rule is to earn a quarter for each month old, meaning a 3-month-old kitten is around 3 lb.

Even so, this is also true after approximately six months of age. It may also be a maturity predictor if the cat is stable.

If the kitten can, since the body and muscles. Relatively young kitties would most likely have thinner skin and muscles. An elderly cat can have extra, slack skin.

 Eyes: Cats have incredibly smooth, transparent eye lenses and grow more cloudy and jagged as they age. In addition, older cats can develop cataracts like animals and humans.

So if a cat has grey eyes and jagged irises, it’s probably over ten years old.

Activities: A popular feature that may decide a cat’s age is how busy they are. Kittens and young cats are more likely than their pet elders.

If it’s arthritis that holds them back, or just plain old age, older cats typically lie around more and play less with toys.

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There is also two other way of How To Tell How Old A Cat Is

What is the weight of your cat?

The weight of a cat in pounds approximately corresponds to his age in months, and he will put on weight at a consistent pace till he is around five months old.

So it would help if you confidently assumed that a 1-pound kitten is about four weeks old and a 3-pound cat is around 12 weeks old as much as it is in good physical shape.

Is he moving around and having fun?

Most cats begin walking about three weeks of age, but balance takes a little while. Therefore, it would be best to safely assume that a walking and playing kitten is at least four weeks old.

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Final Word

Your pet does not have any of its teeth, including incisors, canines, premolars, and teeth if it is just under six months with a year old.

The teeth of a cat begin to yellow seen between periods of 2 and 5, and at the ages of 5 and 10, the yellowing becomes noticeable, the tooth starts to display signs of wear.

When your cat is over ten years old, all of its teeth would most likely be yellowed and worn down considerably.

If that doesn’t work, look at the cat’s hair, body, and eyes to see if you can figure out its age. Please continue reading for.

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