5 Best Dog Nail Clippers (Buying Guide With FAQs)

Every dog breeder should trim their pet’s nails regularly to maintain their canine friend healthily and happy. Apart from aesthetic considerations, cutting or polishing dog nails is necessary to avoid overgrowth and damage.

When nails grow excessively long, they press on the puppy’s nail beds instead of the pads on his paws, which causing him pain. Furthermore, enlarged nails often extend into the surrounding skin, producing discomfort as well as infection.

A good set of best dog nail clippers would make this job much simpler for you and your pet, and there are many different kinds of best dog nail clippers to choose from, such as scissors, grinders, and guillotine cutters.

You’ll need to consider your pet’s size and also the quality of the blades or grinder when shopping for the best dog nail clippers.

To discover the best dog nail clippers for your pet, we investigated and tested the top choices.

5 Best Dog Nail Clippers Picked By WowPets

Dremel PawControl Pet Nail Grinding Kit (Dremel 7760)

Best Dog Nail Clippers

If you’re new to cutting your pet’s nails, several experts recommend using a canine nail grinder instead of traditional clippers. These best dog nail clippers provide you more control over how you cut your dog’s nails.

Especially, the Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder is a fantastic option for grooming your pet’s nails since it’s light in weight, cordless, and flexible.

There are nine accessories included with this nail cutter, including various polishing bands and discs.

It also comes with a detachable, one-of-a-kind cover that fits over the cutter and maintains your pet’s nail at the perfect angle for polishing.

The cutter is powered by 4-volt batteries that recharge by USB connection and has an endurance of a little over three hrs on a single recharge.


  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Maintain a correct nail angle
  • It has several grinding accessories


  • A little pricey
  • There is no storage case

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Nail Grinder for Dogs by Casfuy

Best Dog Nail Clippers

It may be difficult to detect the fast and understand where to trim your pet’s nails if they are dark in color. Fortunately, the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder comes with two built-in LED lights, which highlight your pet’s nails as you process.

This best dog nail clippers arrive with a diamond cutting wheel and works softly to reduce anxiety in your canine. It also has two speeds.

This cutter has a detachable top with holes for medium and small pet nails and the ability to remove the cover to cut big dog nails.

The device is charged with a USB cord and lasts for almost two hours on a single charge.


  • LED lights built-in
  • Diamond cutting wheel with a long life span
  • It has ports for tiny and medium canine nails in the cap
  • There are two-speed options


  • Without a hat, you can grab fur

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Safari Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer 

Best Dog Nail Clippers

The Safari Professional Nail Trimmer fulfills all of the requirements that grooming equipment should have. It is a professional stainless steel nail trimmer.

This best dog nail clippers is tough and well-made, with strong blades and a security stop for direction, and they’re available in two shapes to fit your dog. Moreover, as an extra benefit, they’re reasonably priced!

The nail clippers feature a non-slip handle that enables you to keep them firmly in place, as well as a pressure spring that pulls them open during each cut, speeding up the procedure.

When not under-use, they lock closed, and after testing, WowPets discovered that they swiftly cut across pet’s nails without sticking.

Although we don’t believe you must depend only on the flexible protective stop to prevent clipping your pet’s nails too short, you must also do a personal check to ensure you don’t nick the quick.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Blades that are both durable and sharp
  • Handling is simple
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • It’s also safe to use on cats


  • The size of the safety stop might not be appropriate for all dogs

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Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals with a Shiny Finish

Best Dog Nail Clippers

The Shiny Pet Nail Clippers are a smaller option offer at a reasonable cost for tiny canines and even kittens.

This scissor-style trimmer’s slanted stainless steel blades provide the optimum trimming angle, and the handles have finger grooves lined with an anti-slip grip.

They feature a semi-circular blade that allows for a fast and accurate cut. It is suitable for various tiny animals, such as dogs, small doggies, kittens, and even rabbits.

The only drawback of this best dog nail clippers is that they don’t have a spring mechanism, so you’ll have to open them during each cutting actively.


  • Blades that are both durable and sharp
  • Handling is simple


  • After snipping, it will not reopen

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PawPerfect Pet Nail Rotating File by Bell + Howell

Best Dog Nail Clippers

Is it painful for your pet to get its nails trimmed? If that’s the case, the Bell + Howell Paw Perfect Rotating File is among the best dog nail clippers and most efficient methods to have the work done.

This cutter has many unique characteristics that make it almost easy to cut your pet’s nails, and it works fast to reduce anxiety on your canine.

This grinder includes elevated/low options and slots for tiny, medium, and giant dog nails on the top.

The holes assist you in achieving the proper angle while protecting your pet’s skin and hair far from the grinders, and there’s also an automated LED guiding light to make sure you’re doing things correctly.

This best dog nail clippers arrives with three replaceable rollers featuring fine and ultra-fine grits and a textured slip-free grip. It powers by three AA battery packs.


  • There are two-speed options
  • The cap maintains the nail at the correct angle while also protecting the skin
  • It has replacement rollers
  • LED light built-in


  • The battery can’t be recharged
  • Some pets are bothered by the noise

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What to Search for in Nail Clippers for Dogs? Buying Guide


Choose the type of pet nail clipper most comfy for you to handle and utilize on your dog while purchasing. Guillotine and scissor clippers come in various sizes to suit the varied dimensions in cats and dogs.

When the grip is pushed together, the scissor clipper operates by forcing the blades together immediately.

You’ll need a lot of practice to master on this kind of clipper. Scissor-style nail trimmers are similar to scissors in that they are easy to use and allow for the removal of little portions at a time, which reduces nail damage.

Electric cutters are great for smoothing off the edges of the nail.  It may also be less damaging than nail cutters. Many non-professional versions, on the other hand, are large, noisy, and not designed for high-volume snipping.


The pet’s nail clippers must be pet-friendly. Little clippers will not work as well on a dog with large, lengthy nails. Large clippers on a dog may make it harder to see where the fast is.


It’s critical to choose nail cutters with a precise edge that can cut across nails without sticking. The nail clipper blades must be sharp. Otherwise, the nail may split, leaving a very harsh or precise blade or fail to cut off the nail.

A protection net

If you’re not a professional dog trimmer or nail clipper, search for nail scissors that include safety protection.

Several clippers include a quarter-inch barrier on the rear to prevent you from removing too much of the nail. However, keep in mind that the quick stop is just a suggestion, not a failsafe method of avoiding over-trimming.

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Can you trim your dog’s nails using humans nail clippers?

You may question whether you can utilize human nail clippers on your pet if you don’t own any canine nail clippers available. It’s feasible to do, particularly on dogs, tiny dogs, and kittens, but it advises against making it a regular.

Humans’ nail clippers are more prone to break the nail than cutter or scissor kinds because the cutting stress is different.

What is the best way to sharpen pet nail clippers?

Sharp nail clippers provide clean, effective cuts, reduce pain for your pet, and speed up the process.

If your nail scissors aren’t clipping as effectively as they used to, they might need to be sharpened. You’ll require a sharpening rock, a diamond tapered rod, or a ceramics rod for this.

To begin, disassemble the clippers and run the blade down every side of the tool, maintaining the angle of its curvature, which is often 35 to 40 degrees.

When reconstructing the scissors, you might wish to oil the springs to maintain the equipment running smoothly.

Are nail clippers for cats and dogs the same?

If your pets are of comparable size, you may use similar nail clippers on both dogs and cats. Tiny nail cutters are required for cats, and little clippers are typically suitable for pups and smaller breed dogs.

Though if you have a giant dog you’ll need wider clippers since feline nail clippers may have trouble cutting down long nails.


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