Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs (Top 6 Dog Crates 2023)

Though dog cages often link with crate coaching, they can serve as a comfortable refuge for your dog and a secure mode of movement in the vehicle.

If you have a large dog, you’ll desire to invest in a crate that can fit them securely. These six well-reviewed best dog crates for large dogs are available in various designs and pricing ranges.

It’s necessary to understand your dog’s dimensions, including length, width, and height—as well as weight—before looking for the best dog crates for large dogs.

For example, the appropriate Great Dane container may be too large for your Lab mix.

A big pet’s crate must be tall sufficient for your dog to stand up completely, broad enough for her to spin around in, & lengthy enough for her to stretch out completely.

Crates for large dogs may vary significantly in size from one producer to the next, so double-check the measurements before buying.

After you have decided on the best dog crates for large dogs you need, you will like to think about the design and material. best dog crates for large dogs are available in plastic, metal, and wood, and each substance has advantages and disadvantages.

For example, metal wire cages are ideal for robust dogs that can chew off everything, but they may be weighty and difficult to transport, mainly when they are massive or more extensive for giant dogs.

On the other hand, plastic crates are usually less expensive and suitable for vehicles, although they typically provide less ventilation.

Wooden pet crate furniture is perhaps the most appealing of all the designs, but it is also the most expensive, is not foldable, and is unsuitable for chewers.

With that in mind, here are some of the most OK best dog crates for large dogs we have discovered.

XX-Large Wire Dog Crate from MidWest Solutions

Best Dog Crates for Large Dog-XX-Large-Wire-Dog-Crate-from-MidWest-Solutions

This ultra-durable cage from MidWest is making it the best dog crates for large dogs that need a little more room to extend out.

This cage includes three massive slide-bolt latches and two doors for quick access, cleansing, and bed-making for your puppy’s safety and protection.

The cage sides are kept from collapsing by an L-bar along the top, keeping it even safer for your dog. A removable, easy-cleaning plastic tray collects food spills, water, the odd mishap, and cleanup is a breeze.

Do you have any doubts about whether or not your puppy’s going to fit? Choose a cage that is at minimum three to six-inch larger and taller than your puppy.


  • The L-bar safety design keeps the sidewalls from collapsing.
  • An effortlessly removable plastic pan


  • It is too large to fit into a tiny space.

Key Advantages
Crate for your pet with a double-door design for convenient access and a robust drop-pin system for protection. There is a detachable, easy-to-clean rubber tray included to clean up those unexpected times. Metal box with three heavy duty lockable slide-bolt locks per side and an “L” Bar protection function. Drop-pin design provides a sturdy and secure cage, and it is ideal for extra-large breeds. The durable E-coat finish prevents corrosion for long-term usage and measures 54 L x 37 W x 45 H.
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Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate from Midwest Homes for Pets

Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs-MidWest-Life-Stages-Folding-Metal-Dog-Crate-by-Midwest-Homes-for-Pets

There are six various shapes to choose from wire dog cage and a dual-door or singular-door design choice. This dog cage allows your pet to have the most visibility and airflow possible.

It features a detachable pan in the base that makes cleaning a breeze. In addition, rubber feet on the bottom of the box, if it travels over your flooring, protect it from scratches.

This container collapses neatly for convenient storage and transportation. It’s also simple to assemble and disassemble, and it does not need additional equipment.

It additionally includes a hook to make transporting the crate easier while it’s folded. The door of this dog cage has a two-sided securing mechanism to keep it locked while you are out.


  • Excellent sight and airflow
  • Divider to allow for the growth of pups
  • Storage is simple.
  • Cleaning is a breeze.


  • The latches are simple to open.

Key Advantages
It has a folding aluminum dog cage with two doors. A free partition panel, a sturdy dog tray, a carried handle, and “rolling” feet to protect flooring. Two heavy-duty sliding bolt locks (one on each door) hold the dog crate gate in place, protecting your pet safe within their pet house. Durable construction offers a secure haven for your pup while you’re gone, as well as satisfying your pet’s natural “den” inclinations.
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Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel is a kennel made by Petmate

 Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs- Petmate-Ultra-Vari-Kennel-by-Petmate

This plastic puppy cage is available in four sizes and is inexpensive likewise it’s the best dog crates for large dogs.

Though plastic crates are famous for providing poor airflow and viewing, Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel includes a grating gate, airflow windows on both sides, and back vents, which help mitigate the issue.

This puppy kennel constructs from 14 percent recycled materials, so you can feel great about buying it. This crate is authorized for airline travel; nevertheless, before going, always verify with specific airlines.

The cage’s interior is moated so that if your puppy has an incident, he won’t be sitting in his mess.


  • Plastic that is both strong and long-lasting
  • Simple to put together
  • More airflow than conventional plastic boxes offer
  • Allowed for travel by air


  • The handle is flimsy
  • It’s simple to open the door latch

Key Advantages
This dog cage complies with most airline cargo requirements. It is made of heavy-duty recyclable plastic with an easy-to-open front clasp for fast access to dogs. Crate and kennel training are essential for the protection and comfort of your pet. Standard traveling carriers, workout kennels, playing pens, and other items are available.
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ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is a product of Proselect

 Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs-ProSelect-Empire-Dog-Cage-by-Proselect

This puppy crate will be your closest buddy if you have a Houdini puppy or powerful, strong dogs who need to be in control. The makers of this massive-duty dog kennel declare that it is the most robust best dog crates for large dogs in the world.

A heavy-duty steel frame and bars use to construct this puppy kennel which strengthened at pressure penalties. On the exterior of the entryway, two locks are out of access to your puppy.

This cage additionally has a grated flooring and a detachable tray that makes cleaning a breeze as far as the flooring isn’t covered with a mattress and bed.


  • Suitable for the captivity of large, intense types of dogs
  • Steel construction with reinforcements
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • The setup is simple


  • Top-heavy
  • Costly

Key Advantages
The ProSelect Empire puppy cage is incredibly durable. The ProSelect pet cage’s grated floor with a container makes cleaning a breeze. You can add casters to the edge of the cage to make it easier to move it around, or you can end up leaving them off for added flexibility.
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Crown Pet Products Crown Pet Crate Table

 Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs-Crown-Pet-Crate-Table-by-Crown-Pet-Products

This luxurious design best dog crates for large dogs is available in two sizes and three distinct finishes. It is a cage of your pretty excellent puppy that will not detract from the visual attractiveness of your house.


  • Very appealing
  • Strong
  • Inwardly opening door
  • Good airflow & greater visibility
  • Water-resistant floors
  • Protects your house from being harmed


  • Costly
  • Not suitable for any trip

Key Advantages
This dog cage is made of high-quality materials, is eco-friendly, and is intended to blend in with any décor while pleasantly and securely confining your dogs. Waterproof flooring is simple to clean and does not absorb substances or smells. The flexible swing-through door turns inward and out of the way when not in use. Furniture gliding feet that don’t leave a trace on the floor are a good idea. A stylish stainless steel lock keeps dogs protected.
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Mr. Peanut’s Deluxe Soft Sided Dog House Style Crate (Portable)

 Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs- Mr.-Peanuts-Deluxe-Soft-Sided-Dog-House-Style-Portable-Pet-Crate

This soft-sided pet cage is designed for well-behaved dogs and cats who are used to being crated. A dog or an excessively nervous puppy should never crate in a soft-sided puppy crate.

Though being constructed of more durable materials, a soft-sided cage may be scratched or nibbled through by any dog. This soft-sided dog cage features grips on both sides and may be used as a dog carrier.

It also has a solid but flexible metal frame that folds up and down quickly and easily without any equipment. It’s also very light, making it simple to transport and store.


  • Strong
  • Comfy
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Proper ventilation and visibility are essential.
  • Lightweight and simple to store


  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for airplane travel

Key Advantages
The low-weight metal frame keeps the cage safe and completely extended for optimum pet comfort, while the fleece padding and darkening mesh keep your pet happy and quiet. It has a darkened mesh fabric on both sides for optimum airflow, front and top zipper closures, portable soft-sided cage for your dog’s comfort with rigid flexibility. Stylish and lightweight, with rounded edges to secure your home decor and the inside of your car. Not suitable for a nervous puppy.
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Many choices are offered to dog parents, and finally, what is the best dog crates for large dogs will be determined by their individual needs. It is challenging to go incorrect with any of the cages on our listing.

Ensure that they are the appropriate size for your pet. Also, look for the qualities you are searching for before purchasing.

Have you come across a large dog cage that has shown to be effective for your canine companion? We’d be interested in hearing everything about it.

Tell us about the model that has worked best for your dog and what you enjoy the most about it in particular.

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