Best Puppy Food 2023 (With Buying Guide )

If you have a young puppy, you will want to give them the finest puppy chow for their nutritional needs. However, it is tempting for animal owners who also have older dogs to choose the Best Puppy Food.

However, because pups consume double the calorie count of adult puppies, a healthy mix of protein, fat, carbs, minerals, vitamins, and water is preferable.

Specially designed puppy meals produce the right nutritional balance and take away the imagination of building your diet.

What performs well? As you might guess, when it concerns Best Puppy Food, there is no one-brand suit all, and plenty relies on your puppy.

Larger dogs require fewer calories than a little puppy, which is why puppy foods always inform you which puppy they are best suitable for on the top of your package.

The most OK marionette food has natural nutrients and protein-rich levels that are important for puppies with high activity levels.

It is also a crucial component in the formation of skeletal and muscular. Seek food with puppy probiotics.

These establish an equilibrium of gut bacteria and, as such, increase the immune and digestive systems.

Until you overfeed your pup (lower the number of meals as they grow older), you will make your puppy joyful and cheerful throughout your maturity.

Don’t be scared to add a couple of the finest puppy treatments to their main meals.

Such therapies are excellent during workouts and encourage finicky pups to eat. Below is a list of the finest puppy chow to take into account.

        WowPets Top 5 Choices For Best Puppy Food

Chicken IAMS Vitality Puppy & Junior Small & Medium Dog

Best Puppy Food

Age range: Suitable for pups aged one to twelve months.

Supports: Animal protein is 85 percent. Minerals, vitamins, and fiber are all included.

Ingredients: There are no artificial colors or tastes in this product.

Vitality Puppy & Junior Small & Medium Dog – IAMS – Chicken is a carefully designed dry food with 85 percent animal protein, which is essential for your pup’s development and growth.

It’s formulated with a range of minerals, vitamins, and extra fiber to help build their bones and immune process, keep their digestive process in good shape, and promote shiny healthful skin.

Additionally, suppose your pup is a medium or small type with an anticipated mature body size of up to 25kg.

In such a case, after your dog has passed the puppy stage, this food will be acceptable to give them.


  • It is made with high-quality ingredients to suit the tiny, medium, and big puppy
  • If you’re not entirely pleased, you may return it for a full refund


  • There is just one flavor available (chicken)

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Wagg Chicken Complete Puppy Food

Wagg Chicken Complete Puppy Food

Age range: Puppies above the age of four weeks are suitable.

Supports: Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins, and citrus extracts, yucca plant extract are included.

Ingredients: There are no added sugars, flavors, or colors.

Wagg Chicken Complete Puppy Food is regarded as one of the finest puppy meals to purchase on a budget, 44 pieces per 12kg container (on averages).

This product is for pups older than four weeks and, and though it is a portion of dry food, it may combine with tiny quantities of warm water to make it a wet meal that is simple to digest.

It has a variety of minerals and vitamins that are essential for a puppy’s general health.

It also contains MOS (Mannan oligosaccharides), a probiotic found naturally in certain vegetables and fruits that help to keep your pet’s digestive tract healthy.


  • Suitable for puppies of all kinds and sizes
  • The development of a robust immune system includes vitamins C, A, and E


  • The pieces are pretty tiny

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Dry Puppy Food Eukanuba

Dry Puppy Food Eukanuba

Age range: Suitable for marionettes aged from 1 to 12 months.

Supports: It offers DHA (fatty acid Omega-3) to help pups in learning and training.

Ingredients: Contains calcium for the formation of healthy bones.

Eukanuba is a business that has worked since 1969 in the care of animals (in the form of food).

Their collection of dry puppy foods is extensive, including specifically designed formulas available in several flavors for different race sizes.

In addition to DHA includes FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), a prebiotic naturally present in particular fruit and vegetables that supports and maintains a healthy digestive tract.

Vitamins E and C are included in this dry food to increase immunity and provide calcium to the puppies’ bodies.

It also offers natural Omega 6 and 3 supplies, which help maintain a pup’s skin and coat healthier.


  • The primary ingredients are meat (both turkey and fresh chicken)
  • Manufactured with nutritionist support, suggested by renowned breeders, and certified by veterinarians
  • It is environmentally friendly


  • Some consumers complained that their pups had flatulence problems

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Puppy Food in Gravy from Royal Canin

Best Puppy Food

Age range: Up until the age of twelve months.

Supports: Vitamin D3, E1 (Iron), E1, E2, E4, E5, E6.

Ingredients: Sugars of many kinds.

Royal Canin Puppy Food in Gravy particularly design to satisfy all of a puppy’s nutritional requirements during this critical stage of development.

It has added vitamins and minerals to help give your dog energy, promote healthy bone growth, and aid digestion.

This type of wet pet food also offers a dry form, so you may combine the two if your puppy prefers a semi-crunchy texture.

The proper serving amounts obtain on the Royal Canin website if this is an option you’re considering.

The majority of puppy meals are only appropriate for pups up to 12 months of age. On the other hand, more giant breeds may eat Royal Canin’s Maxi Puppy in Gravy until they reach 15 months.


  • Pre-weighed, separately portioned packs are available
  • The Maxi Pup edition is for puppies aged 15 months and above
  • To strengthen the immune system, it offers complex antioxidants like vitamin E


  • With just 8.3 percent protein, this dish is relatively low in protein
  • It isn’t available in a wheat-free version for dogs with sensitive stomachs

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High Prairie Puppy Recipe with a Taste of the Wild

Best Puppy Food

Age range: Puppies as young as six weeks old may use it.

Supports: It contains probiotics, DHA, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Ingredients: Grain, maize, wheat, and fillers are all free of artificial colors, tastes, and preservatives.

While it isn’t the cheapest dog chow on the market, Taste of the Wild’s all-natural recipe is undoubtedly one of the finest.

The tiny and mouth-watering pieces of kibble are a taste and texture experience your dog will adore, made with pasture-raised Bison and Venison as the first ingredients.

Each pound of kibble contains 80m live, active cultures that help the digestive and immune processes.

It’s also high in DHA and an Omega-3 fatty acid derived from salmon oil that aids in the growth of a puppy’s brain and eyesight.

We appreciate how this formula includes a wide variety of fruits and veggies from blueberries & raspberries to sweet potatoes and peas, all of which provide a puppy with the zinc, selenium, and vitamin E they need to remain strong and healthy.

In addition, dried chicory root, a potent prebiotic that offers fuel for bacteria to keep the digestive system functioning smoothly, is also included.


  • Probiotics in plenty
  • Ingredients are completely natural


  • It is among the most expensive items on the market

How Did We Choose the Best Puppy Food? Buying Guide 2021

With several companies claiming to offer the healthiest and most nutritional puppy chow, choosing one that checks all the requirements may be time-consuming.

So, to spare you hours of time and effort, we tested hundreds of puppy chow options and rated the best.

Do you want to learn how we accomplished it? Please take a look at our rating system.

Protein Is Everything

When selecting the most OK dog food for a pup, the protein level is a crucial consideration. Did you notice that protein should account for nearly 22% of the calories in puppy meals?

As a result, we only used puppy food that was rich in high-quality protein.

Take Smell and Taste

Puppy food must be nutritional and healthful, but it must also taste and smell appealing to pups. Although this may be a personal taste, it assists if the food has components and flavors that our little omnivores like.

Is It Nutritious?

The Association of US Feed Control Officials has developed nutrient guidelines for puppy food (AAFCO). All of the companies on our list agree to these standards.

User Feedback

Finally, while selecting the best of the best, we considered user feedback. When creating our list, we checked at puppy food reviews on Amazon and suggestions on Chewy, and feedback from happy (and dissatisfied) consumers.

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How long does a puppy take to change to a new diet?

Whenever you want to switch your puppy’s food, you must slowly allow your puppy’s system to adapt to the switch.  These changes should ideally take 5-7 days.

Is switching puppy food a bad idea?

Continue to that meal for a minimum of two weeks if at all feasible; a diet change may potentially upset your puppy’s tummy.

In addition, changes in nutrition may induce diarrhea and other digestive problems in pups because their food processor is different than human beings.

Is it true that wet food is harmful to puppies?

Because of the high moisture content and packing, packaged food is more costly per calorie than kibble. Another drawback of packaged puppy food is that it may lead to periodontal diseases in particular pups.

Is it healthier for pups to eat wet or dry food?

Dry food is terrific for maintaining your puppy’s oral health in line, while wet food is ideal for giving them a hydration increase.

Because wet and dry dog meals offer a variety of advantages, feeding a combination of the two may provide your dog with a well-rounded diet that addresses various requirements.

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