The 10 Most Popular Best Cat Breeds for Kitten Lovers

Cats have a bad reputation for being distant and disagreeable, but cat owners understand the benefits of having fluffy, loving creatures in their life. Despite this, although most dog owners are confident in determining their best cat breeds, most cat parents are less sure of their feline companion’s breed.

What kind of cat do you have? While most people identify cats with their appearance—from tuxedos to tabbies—there is a huge world of unique and well-known best cat breeds to explore.

We wanted to understand more about our relationships with cats, notable cat breeds, and how cats fit into our lives. So, we looked through our dataset of pet lovers in the United States.

Cat parents love their cats, even though they don’t comprehend them

While many people find cats confusing, their owners are usually amazed by their unique habits. Many cat owners have told us that having a cat at home makes them happy and that they like caring for their cats. However, others admit that they wish they knew more about cat personality characteristics and idiosyncrasies like purring, meowing, and scratching.

Our kitty friends can be so confusing, and many cat owners wish they could always know what their kitties were thinking!

We enjoy studying everything about cats here at WowPets since we’re not just dogs—we are cat lovers too—and we’re intrigued by the wide range of distinctive cat breeds worldwide.

We chose to look at the top ten most common best cat breeds in the United States. Continue reading to find out which species earned the cut.

It’s all about the personality

Color and attractiveness are essential for potential cat owners, but it doesn’t seem everything. We have discovered that the two main characteristics new cat parents seek in a cat are love and fun.

  • Persian
  • Maine Coon
  • Bengal
  • American Shorthair
  • Ragdoll
  • Abyssinian
  • Oriental Shorthair
  • Devon Rex
  • Himalayan
  • Birman


Best Cat Breeds

In the world of feline elegance, Persian cats stand out as a breed synonymous with beauty, luxury, and regal grace. With their flowing coats, distinctive flat faces, and calm demeanor, Persian cats have captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts worldwide. In this blog post, let’s embark on a journey to unravel the charm and uniqueness that make Persian cats a beloved companion for those seeking a touch of sophistication in their lives.

A Storied Past:

Persian cats boast a rich history that dates back to the 1600s, with origins in Persia, modern-day Iran. Introduced to Europe in the 17th century, these felines quickly became a symbol of refinement, associated with nobility and grace. Today, Persian cats continue to captivate with their timeless allure.

The Allure of the Persian Coat:

One of the most defining features of the Persian cat is its sumptuous coat. Available in an array of colors and patterns, the long, flowing fur demands meticulous grooming. Regular brushing is a ritual for Persian cat owners, a shared moment of care that not only maintains the coat’s luster but also strengthens the bond between owner and feline.

Gentle Temperament:

Persian cats are renowned for their calm and gentle temperament. Preferring the comforts of indoor living, they make ideal companions for those seeking a feline friend that appreciates a tranquil environment. Their affectionate nature allows them to form strong bonds with their owners, following them from room to room with an air of regal companionship.

Grooming Rituals and Wellness:

Owning a Persian cat involves a commitment to regular grooming rituals. Beyond the daily brushing sessions, owners should pay attention to their cat’s eyes, as Persians are prone to tear staining. Routine veterinary check-ups are essential to monitor their dental health, respiratory well-being, and overall wellness.

Variety in Colors and Patterns:

Persian cats showcase a dazzling array of colors and patterns, from solid hues to bi-color and the captivating Himalayan variety. Each coat variation adds to the allure of the breed, offering potential owners a palette of options to match their aesthetic preferences.

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Maine Coon

Best Cat Breeds

In the world of domestic felines, one breed stands out for its larger-than-life presence and captivating charm—the Maine Coon cat. With their tufted ears, luxurious fur, and friendly demeanor, Maine Coons have earned a special place in the hearts of cat enthusiasts. Join us on a journey to uncover the mysteries and marvels of these magnificent cats in this blog post.

The Gigantic Elegance:

Maine Coon cats are often dubbed the “gentle giants” of the feline world, and for good reason. These cats are known for their substantial size, with males weighing anywhere from 13 to 18 pounds or more. Their sturdy build, long bodies, and bushy tails add to their majestic and imposing appearance.

A Mythical Origin Tale:

Legend has it that the Maine Coon cat originated in the rugged state of Maine, earning them their distinctive name. While the breed’s exact origin remains a bit of a mystery, the tales often involve seafarers, ship cats, and the allure of the Maine wilderness. Regardless of their historical journey, Maine Coons have become an integral part of American cat folklore.

The Majestic Mane:

One of the Maine Coon’s most iconic features is its impressive mane or ruff around the neck. This luxurious fur not only adds to their regal appearance but also serves as a form of protection against the harsh New England winters, where the breed is believed to have originated.

Playful Personalities:

Beneath their large and imposing exterior lies a heart as gentle as their name suggests. Maine Coons are known for their friendly and sociable nature. They are often referred to as “gentle giants” due to their affectionate demeanor and love for human companionship. These cats enjoy interactive play and are often great with children and other pets.

Tufted Ears and Bushy Tails:

The Maine Coon’s tufted ears and long, bushy tails add to their wild and untamed appearance. Their tufted ears are a distinctive feature, enhancing their expressive faces. The tufts of fur on the tips of their ears, combined with their large, expressive eyes, give them an almost mystical allure.

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Best Cat Breeds

Enter the world of feline fascination with the Bengal cat—a breed that seamlessly blends the untamed beauty of the wild with the domestic grace of a beloved house companion. Renowned for their distinctive spotted or marbled coats and playful personalities, Bengal cats have become the epitome of exotic charm. Join us as we unravel the mysteries and celebrate the enchanting allure of Bengal cats in this blog post.

Origins: A Dash of Wild Heritage

The Bengal cat’s captivating appearance can be traced back to its wild ancestry. The breed’s foundation includes the Asian leopard cat, a small and agile wild feline. Bred selectively with domestic cats, the Bengal emerged as a breed that exudes the wild elegance of its ancestors while embracing a friendly demeanor suitable for indoor living.

The Exquisite Coat: Spots and Marbles

The Bengal’s coat is a masterpiece of nature, adorned with distinctive spots or marbled patterns that echo the leopard-like markings of wild cats. This luxurious coat comes in a variety of colors, from the classic spotted rosettes to marbled swirls, creating a visually stunning and dynamic appearance.

Active and Playful: A Feline Dynamo

Bengal cats are renowned for their boundless energy and playful nature. With an insatiable curiosity, they enjoy interactive play, climbing, and exploring their surroundings. These cats thrive on mental and physical stimulation, making them ideal companions for households that can provide engaging activities.

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American Shorthair

Best Cat Breeds

Step into the enchanting world of American Shorthair cats, where timeless elegance meets down-to-earth charm. Renowned for their versatile and adaptable nature, American Shorthairs have woven themselves into the fabric of American households, bringing companionship, beauty, and a touch of feline grace. In this blog post, let’s explore the history, characteristics, and the delightful allure of these all-American cats.

A Glimpse into History:

The American Shorthair’s roots can be traced back to the early days of American history. Originally arriving on the Mayflower, these cats were prized for their adept hunting skills, effectively controlling rodent populations in early American settlements. Over time, selective breeding transformed them into the beloved breed we know today.

Diverse Coat Colors and Patterns:

One of the defining features of the American Shorthair is its vast array of coat colors and patterns. From classic tabby stripes to solid colors and calico splashes, each American Shorthair boasts a unique and captivating coat. Their short, dense fur requires minimal grooming, making them an ideal choice for families seeking low-maintenance companions.

Adaptable and Easygoing Nature:

American Shorthairs are celebrated for their adaptable and easygoing temperament. They effortlessly adjust to various living environments, making them well-suited for both apartment living and spacious homes. Their friendly nature makes them wonderful companions for families, singles, and seniors alike.

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Best Cat Breeds

Step into the world of feline enchantment with Ragdoll cats, where graceful elegance meets gentle companionship. Renowned for their striking blue eyes, silky semi-longhair coats, and relaxed personalities, Ragdolls have captured the hearts of cat lovers worldwide. In this blog post, let’s delve into the fascinating characteristics, history, and the irresistible allure of these delightful and affectionate feline companions.

The Origin of the Ragdoll Magic:

The enchanting tale of Ragdoll cats began in the 1960s when a beautiful white cat named Josephine, possessing unique and endearing traits, captured the attention of breeder Ann Baker. Through selective breeding, Josephine became the matriarch of the Ragdoll breed, passing down her captivating characteristics to future generations.

Irresistible Blue Eyes and Color point Coats:

Ragdolls are famous for their mesmerizing blue eyes that can range from vivid sapphire to striking aqua. Their color point coats showcase darker colors on their ears, face, paws, and tail, creating a captivating contrast against their lighter bodies. This distinctive coat pattern adds to the breed’s overall allure.

The “Floppy” Personality:

One of the most charming aspects of Ragdoll cats is their relaxed and “floppy” personality, hence the name “Ragdoll.” When picked up, these cats tend to go limp in their owner’s arms, melting into a state of calm surrender. This gentle nature makes them perfect lap cats and endears them to families seeking affectionate feline companions.

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Best Cat Breeds

Embark on a journey into the world of feline allure with Abyssinian cats—a breed celebrated for its sleek coat, lively spirit, and timeless elegance. Originating from the ancient lands of Abyssinia (modern-day Ethiopia), these cats have captivated the hearts of cat enthusiasts with their distinctive appearance and spirited personalities. Join us in this blog post as we explore the rich history, unique characteristics, and the enchanting charm of Abyssinian cats.

A Glimpse into Ancient History:

The roots of the Abyssinian cat stretch back thousands of years, with a rich history that intertwines with ancient civilizations. Depictions of cats resembling Abyssinians have been found in Egyptian artifacts, suggesting a lineage that spans centuries. Today’s Abyssinian cats are considered descendants of those revered felines from antiquity.

The Coat of the Wild:

Abyssinians are renowned for their short, ticked coats that give them an exotic, wild appearance reminiscent of wildcats in the savannas. The agouti hairs create a warm, glowing effect, enhancing their elegance. This unique coat pattern sets them apart from other breeds, adding to the mystique of the Abyssinian.

Sleek and Athletic Build:

With a sleek and muscular build, Abyssinians embody a natural athleticism. Their bodies are medium-sized and well-proportioned, allowing them to move with grace and agility. Their slender legs and fine-boned structure contribute to their overall elegance.

The “Tick” and Color Varieties:

The Abyssinian’s coat showcases a distinctive ticking pattern, where each hair is banded with multiple colors. This ticked effect, combined with the warm base color, creates a visually stunning coat. Abyssinians come in various colors, including ruddy, red, blue, and fawn, each displaying a unique and beautiful palette.

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Oriental Shorthair

Best Cat Breeds

Enter the world of feline sophistication with Oriental Shorthair cats—a breed celebrated for its sleek lines, vibrant personalities, and captivating elegance. Originating from the same family as the Siamese, these cats boast an array of striking colors and patterns, complemented by their long, slender bodies. Join us on a journey through the unique characteristics, history, and irresistible charm of Oriental Shorthair cats in this blog post.

Roots in Siamese Heritage:

The Oriental Shorthair shares its ancestry with the Siamese cat, having originated from the same genetic pool. While Siamese cats are known for their distinctive color points, Orientals have expanded the palette to include an array of solid colors, bi-colors, and patterns, making them a diverse and visually captivating breed.

Sleek and Elegant Physique:

One of the defining features of the Oriental Shorthair is its slender and graceful physique. These cats exhibit a long, tubular body, complemented by a fine-boned structure. Their sleek lines and refined appearance contribute to an overall sense of elegance that sets them apart in the feline world.

Diverse Colors and Patterns:

Oriental Shorthairs are a canvas of colors and patterns. From solid hues to striking bi-colors and patterns such as tabby, spotted, and marbled, these cats offer a broad spectrum of visual appeal. Their vibrant coats are a testament to the breed’s diversity and allure.

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Devon Rex

Best Cat Breeds

Step into the enchanting world of feline whimsy with Devon Rex cats—a breed celebrated for its distinct appearance, mischievous charm, and affectionate nature. Known for their distinctive curly coats and large, expressive eyes, Devon Rex cats have captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts worldwide. Join us on a delightful journey through the unique characteristics, history, and irresistible allure of these playful and endearing feline companions in this blog post.

The Quirky Curls: A Coat Like No Other

Devon Rex cats are renowned for their distinctive coat, characterized by short, curly whiskers, and a soft, wavy texture that feels like crushed velvet to the touch. Their unique curls, caused by a genetic mutation, contribute to their whimsical and adorable appearance, setting them apart from other cat breeds.

Large, Expressive Eyes: Windows to the Soul

One of the most captivating features of Devon Rex cats is their large, expressive eyes. Set in a slightly upturned position, these eyes radiate intelligence, curiosity, and a hint of mischief. Their gaze has the power to convey a range of emotions, making them highly communicative companions.

Playful Personalities: Forever Young at Heart

Devon Rex cats are perpetual kittens at heart, possessing an insatiable curiosity and boundless energy. They love interactive play, climbing, and exploring their surroundings. Their playful antics and acrobatic feats are a constant source of joy for those lucky enough to share their homes with these spirited felines.

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Best Cat Breeds

Enter the enchanting world of feline elegance with Himalayan cats—a breed that seamlessly blends the luxurious beauty of Persian cats with the striking color points of Siamese cats. Known for their distinctive features and calm personalities, Himalayans have become symbols of regal grace and affectionate companionship. Join us in this blog post as we explore the unique characteristics, history, and irresistible charm of Himalayan cats.

The Fusion of Persian and Siamese Elegance:

Himalayan cats, often referred to as “Himmies,” are the result of crossing Persian and Siamese cats. This intentional blending of two distinct breeds has given rise to a cat with the luxurious long coat of a Persian and the color points (darker color on the ears, face, paws, and tail) reminiscent of a Siamese. The result is a stunning feline that exudes both grace and vibrancy.

Luscious Coat and Color Varieties:

The Himalayan’s hallmark feature is its long, silky coat that requires regular grooming to maintain its luxurious appearance. These cats come in a variety of color points, including seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, flame, and cream. The contrast between their creamy bodies and darker points creates a visually striking and regal effect.

Calm and Gentle Temperament:

Himalayan cats are known for their calm and gentle temperament, making them ideal companions for those seeking a relaxed and loving feline friend. They thrive in peaceful environments and are well-suited for indoor living, where their luxurious coat remains untarnished by outdoor elements.

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Best Cat Breeds

Step into the world of feline enchantment with Birman cats—a breed that carries the echoes of sacred legends, boasts striking color points, and possesses gentle and affectionate personalities. Known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma,” Birmans have captured the hearts of cat lovers worldwide with their captivating blue eyes, silky coats, and loving nature. Join us on a journey through the unique characteristics, history, and irresistible charm of Birman cats in this blog post.

Legends of Sacred Origin:

Birman cats are steeped in mystique, with legends suggesting a sacred origin in Burma (modern-day Myanmar). According to one legend, temple priests in Burma revered and protected these cats, believing them to be the sacred companions of golden-eyed goddesses. This mystical beginning adds an aura of reverence to the Birman breed.

Striking Color Points and Blue Eyes:

One of the defining features of Birmans is their striking color points. Their dark points on the ears, face, paws, and tail create a beautiful contrast with their creamy bodies. Paired with their large, sapphire-blue eyes, Birmans exhibit an ethereal beauty that adds to their allure and elegance.

Semi-Longhair Coat and Color Varieties:

Birmans have semi-longhair coats that are silky and luxurious, requiring regular grooming to maintain their splendor. While seal point (dark brown points) is the most recognized color variety, Birmans also come in a variety of colors, including blue, chocolate, lilac, and more. Each color variation showcases the breed’s versatility and visual appeal.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a popular best cat breeds, you’ll probably want a recognized cat or one that’s easy to locate.

It would be best to avoid uncommon or unusual breeds, such as the Scottish fold or the Egyptian Mau. These cats are gorgeous and make great roommates, but they’re hard to come by.

Hybrid cats with numerous wildcat characteristics, such as Chausies, Toygers, and savannahs, should also be avoided.

They’re usually bright and athletic, with a dash of unpredictability, but they’re typically kind when it comes to their human relatives.

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