The 10 Most Popular Best Cat Breeds for Kitten Lovers

Cats have a bad reputation for being distant and disagreeable, but cat owners understand the benefits of having fluffy, loving creatures in their life.

Despite this, although most dog owners are confident in determining their best cat breeds, most cat parents are less sure of their feline companion’s breed.

What kind of cat do you have? While most people identify cats with their appearance—from tuxedos to tabbies—there is a huge world of unique and well-known best cat breeds to explore.

We wanted to understand more about our relationships with cats, notable cat breeds, and how cats fit into our lives. So, we looked through our dataset of pet lovers in the United States.

Cat parents love their cats, even though they don’t comprehend them

While many people find cats confusing, their owners are usually amazed by their unique habits. Many cat owners have told us that having a cat at home makes them happy and that they like caring for their cats.

However, others admit that they wish they knew more about cat personality characteristics and idiosyncrasies like purring, meowing, and scratching.

Our kitty friends can be so confusing, and many cat owners wish they could always know what their kitties were thinking!

We enjoy studying everything about cats here at WowPets since we’re not just dogs—we are cat lovers too—and we’re intrigued by the wide range of distinctive cat breeds worldwide.

We chose to look at the top ten most common best cat breeds in the United States. Continue reading to find out which species earned the cut.

It’s all about the personality

Color and attractiveness are essential for potential cat owners, but it doesn’t seem everything. We have discovered that the two main characteristics new cat parents seek in a cat are love and fun.

  • Persian
  • Maine Coon
  • Bengal
  • American Shorthair
  • Ragdoll
  • Abyssinian
  • Oriental Shorthair
  • Devon Rex
  • Himalayan
  • Birman


Best Cat Breeds

Persian cats are short and stocky, with flat, wrinkled features. People are attracted to it since it is one of their defining characteristics.

However, it may need further medical care. In addition to white and black, they often wear long, silky coats.

Though they have some morphological similarities to Maine Coons, they are typically smaller, weighing between 7 and 12 pounds.

In comparison to other best cat breeds, they may be laid-back and gentle. The Persian is among the ancient dog breeds discovered in Iran, then known as Persia.

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Maine Coon

Best Cat Breeds

With its huge size and thick fur coat, the Maine coon is a recognizable cat. They are excellent hunters that gained popularity when the CFA declared them purebred in the late 1970s. Despite this, they remain among the most famous best cat breeds in the world.

Many Maine coons suffer from polydactylism, or extra toes, which makes their already large feet even bigger. Large feet may be used as snowshoes, which is great feature for snow hunting.

The traditional color of a Maine coon is a brown tabby, although this breed may come in almost any color.

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Best Cat Breeds

Bengal cats have a tough appearance. Their markings make them seem like they belong in the wild rather than your house, yet they are controlled.

They’re talkative and need a lot of activity. They come in a range of colors and patterns, including spots and rosettes.

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American Shorthair

Best Cat Breeds

American Shorthair would love to cuddle up on the sofa with you, these cats are also regarded as working cats, being hearty, strong, and vigilant.

They have a well-balanced personality and adjust well to both humans and animals. Although each cat is unique, an American Shorthair is likely to be social while remaining autonomous.

Unlike the Domestic Shorthair, which is a mix of unknown breeds, these cats are specifically bred for certain traits that must meet the breed standard.

Like Domestic Shorthair cats, American Shorthair cats were brought to North America from Europe and were often employed by pilgrims to manage the indigenous rodent population.

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Best Cat Breeds

Their giant size and blue eyes distinguish ragdoll cats. They are speedy to learn new skills; “many Ragdolls have been trained to come when called and play fetch.

Ragdoll cats are a pointed breed that is large and fluffy. The body of pointed breed cats is lighter in color, with darker faces, legs, tails, and ears. Their blue eyes stand out, even though their color varies somewhat.

Ragdolls are one of the most loving best cat breeds, often following their owners around, greeting them at the entrance, and hoping for a place in bed. They’re renowned for being laid-back and not too energetic.

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Best Cat Breeds

The Abyssinians are one of the oldest breeds known. They are renowned for being very clever and devoted to their owners.

The Abyssinian cat, which originated in Ethiopia has a unique reddish agouti coat that gives it its banded look.

It features a wedge-shaped head, tall, pointed ears, and a thin, muscular body. Abys have an energetic, curious personality and often follow their owners around.

Their people adore them because of their lively, dog-like attitude.

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Oriental Shorthair

Best Cat Breeds

You may mistake this slim cat for a Siamese, but the Oriental shorthair is a distinct breed.

Unlike Siamese cats, they usually have green eyes and a range of color patterns and colors, as opposed to white cats. When it comes to Orientals, having long hair is also an option.

Due to their lack of fur, Oriental shorthair cats are prone to skin cancer and get chilly; they often wear sweaters.

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Devon Rex

Best Cat Breeds

Devon rex cats have short, wavy hair and thin bodies with large ears. The Devon rex, often known as a “monkey in a catsuit,” is a lively, energetic cat.

With its active, charming demeanor, this cat will capture your heart. They can also be trained and are quick to pick up new skills. These felines are at the top of the top 10 list. With their big ears and slender bodies, they have a distinct appearance.

This is not a cat for those who don’t spend much time at home since this best cat breeds Devon Rex are fast to learn tricks and like having their owner around all of the time.

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Best Cat Breeds

The Himalayan cat is recognized as a sub-breed in certain cat organizations and a separate breed in others, similar to the Persian cat.

The Himalayans got their color points by crossing Persians and Siamese. They like getting attention and love from their owners, and they are also quite entertaining to be around.

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Best Cat Breeds

Birman cats, like the ragdoll, have color-pointed ears and tails. They feature blue eyes and medium-length hair, but they do not have an undercoat, which is the main characteristic that distinguishes them from Persians and the Himalayans.

Birmans were the first stock utilized in the breeding of ragdolls, and they were the most successful. Consequently, they have a similar look to ragdolls but different in their markings and attitudes. They are also smaller.

They are playful, friendly best cat breeds that like being the center of attention, especially from their preferred human. More than other cats, they want to be alone themselves.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a popular best cat breeds, you’ll probably want a recognized cat or one that’s easy to locate.

It would be best to avoid uncommon or unusual breeds, such as the Scottish fold or the Egyptian Mau. These cats are gorgeous and make great roommates, but they’re hard to come by.

Hybrid cats with numerous wildcat characteristics, such as Chausies, Toygers, and savannahs, should also be avoided.

They’re usually bright and athletic, with a dash of unpredictability, but they’re typically kind when it comes to their human relatives.

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